Let's Talk About Sexual Violence | Leicester Law School
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Leicester Law School

Leicester Law School

Kaleidescopes of Law & Justice

A commissioned series of narrated accounts are presented through digital kaleidoscopes, including visual images, text and audio. Using real life court cases, this work draws upon the legal judgments of cases in which the person accused of rape was found guilty. In so doing, we make visible who is victimised, who perpetrators are, how intimacy and vulnerability are exploited, while we begin to see what legal justice means for those who have suffered sexual violence. We draw upon five different categories of rape: acquaintance, relationship, cases involving intoxication, male rape, and the rape of a vulnerable person.


Artist: Samia Malik


For survivor-victims, justice is often ‘a constantly
shifting pattern’, which involves multifarious themes
including ‘consequences, recognition, dignity, voice,
prevention and connectedness’.*



Consent – A Legal Definition

Research shows the scale of misunderstanding regarding the law of sexual violence. While it may be understood that sex without consent amounts to rape, significant confusion surrounds the issue of consent.**

Production: Kajal Nisha Patel
Design: Saria Digregorio / Bárbara Sandín


* Carline, Gunby & Taylor, 2017
End Violence Against Women and Girls Coalition, 2018
** McGlynn & Westmarland, 2018


29th January 2019